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Alaska Court System Child in Need of Aid Court Improvement Committee

This web page is under development. Check back in the future for more complete information.
Please direct comments and concerns to Robert Polley, CINA Court Improvement Program Coordinator: 907-264-8228.

The Alaska Court System's CINA Court Improvement Committee monitors and improves the way the court system handles child in need of aid cases, and improves coordination between the court system and other agencies and Tribes involved in CINA cases. Members of the committee are appointed by the Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court. Current members include judges, the Director of the Office of Children’s Services, tribal representation, and representation other state agencies including the Department of Law, the Public Defender Agency, the Office of Public Advocacy and the Division of Behavioral Health.

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Current Projects

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Current Members - CINA Court Improvement Committee

Hon. Mark Rindner (co-chair), Anchorage Superior Court
Hon. Sen Tan (co-chair), Anchorage Superior Court
and Presiding Judge, 3rd Judicial District
  • Hon. Craig Stowers
    Alaska Supreme Court
  • Hon. Douglas Blankenship
    Fairbanks Superior Court
  • Hon. . Trevor Stephens
    Presiding Judge for the 1st Judicial District
    Ketchikan Superior Court
  • Magistrate Judge Leonard Devaney
    Sitka Trial Courts
  • Hon. Michael Jeffery
    Presiding Judge for the 2nd Judicial District
    Barrow Superior Court
  • Hon. Anna Moran
    Kenai Superior Court
  • Robert Polley
    CINA Court Improvement Program Coordinator
    Alaska Court System
  • Wendy Lyford
    Family Case Services Coordinator
    Alaska Court System
  • Linda Beecher
    Public Defender Agency
  • Lucille Johnson
    Bristol Bay Native Association
  • Francine Eddy Jones
    Central Council Tlingit & Haida
    Tribes of Alaska
  • Anita Alves
    Office of Public Advocacy
  • Amanda Metivier
    Facing Foster Care in Alaska
  • Diane Payne
    Director, Justice for Native Children Project
  • Carla Raymond
    Department of Law
  • Christy Lawton, Director
    Office of Children's Services
  • Stacey Toner, Deputy Director
    Division of Behavioral Health
    Alaska DHSS
  • Lynn Biggs, Senior Director
    Casey Family Programs,
    Yakima Field Office
  • Lisa Rieger, VP/General Council
    Cook Inlet Tribal Council
  • Beverly Oskolkoff
    Cook Inlet Tribal Council
  • Marion Hallum
  • Presiding Judge Michael MacDonald
    Fairbanks Superior Court

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Meetings and Reports

Next meeting:

June 28, 2013



Minutes Archive

For meeting minutes of 2008 and earlier, please contact Robert Polley: 907-264-8228.

Strategic Plans

For strategic plans of 2008 and earlier, please contact Robert Polley: 907-264-8228.

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Related Projects of Interest to the Alaska Child Welfare Community

The CINA Court Improvement Committee collaborates to the maximum extent with state agencies, Tribes, and other entities on their initiatives to improve Alaska’s child welfare system. Examples of these collaborative efforts include the CIP’s role supporting the Office of Children’s Services in the implementation of its Program Improvement Plan; and the CIP’s work with the Tribal/State Collaboration Group’s “WPIC” project to improve tribal capacity in child protection cases (click here for info).

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