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Court Fees & Fee Waiver

Court Fees | Fee Waiver

Court Fees

Administrative Rule 9 sets the fee schedule for all court proceedings and services. Here are the fees for opening various family law cases. Once you have opened a case, there are no additional fees unless you request copies, etc.

Type Effective July 1, 2003
Adoption $75
Change of Name (child or adult) $150
Depositing a Will $40
Divorce, Dissolution, Custody or Paternity $150
Domestic Violence Protective Order Free
Guardianship $75
Probate of Estates $150
Registration of a Foreign Order $150

Note: There are other fees associated with appealing a case.

Fee Waiver

If you cannot afford the fee, you may be eligible for a fee waiver. To ask the judge to waive your fees, you submit an Exemption From the Payment of Fees, TF-920 [Fill-In PDF].

Usually, you file the TF-920 with your complaint and other papers when you go to open your case. The court will hold on to your complaint until after the judge rules on the waiver. If it is granted, a summons will be issued. You cannot serve the other party until after you get the summons, and you will not get a summons until after the TF-920 has been ruled on. At some courts, you must return to the court to get your summons, other courts will issue it automatically after the waiver is granted.

Check with your local court to make sure you understand the procedure in using this form and getting the summons.

If you have not heard from the court within a week of filing the TF-920, be sure to call them. These requests are usually ruled upon within a few days.

15 July 2013
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