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Alaska Trial Courts eFiling Project- LYNX - Alaska's Link to Justice

The court system has initiated a program to move to a total "paper-on-demand" environment in the trial courts. This program is called LYNX - Alaska's Link to Justice. It is the hope of the Alaska Court System (ACS) to improve access to the courts and the data/information housed by the courts, for all types of court users and the general public. LYNX should also help to reduce delays in the courts - especially in terms of distributing court orders and having relevant information available to decision makers in a more accurate, complete and timely fashion.

Parties will submit their filings electronically, either in the form of electronic documents or data, the court will manage these filings electronically (i.e., without creating paper case files), and the court will issue electronic orders and notices. The court plans to create data exchanges with agencies that regularly do business with the court, so that information submitted by an agency will automatically populate the court's case management system and vice versa (e.g., arrest data will populate the court's database (or case management system), and data on arrest warrants will automatically populate the database maintained by public safety). In all of these data exchanges, the official record of a case will be the electronic record rather than a paper record. This will reduce costs associated with the construction, maintenance and destruction of paper files, and should significantly improve public safety and customer service.

Major Completed Events

April 2012 The Chief Justice appointed a governance committee, which represents a cross section of the Alaska Court System (ACS) to oversee the program.
June 2012 The ACS has hired an outside consultant, with an excellent track record in eFiling and data exchange projects, to help plan and implement the project.
December 2012 Approved general architecture for eFiling project
March 2013 Released eFiling RFP (Request for Proposals)
June2013 eFiling product vendor Demonstrations (Amcad, Imagesoft, Turbocourt, Tybera)
June/July/August 2013 eFiling product evaluations
October 2013 Announced intent to award contract to Imagesoft
4th Quarter 2013 Contract negotiations

Major Future Events

1st Quarter 2014 eFiling proof of concept in Anchorage, Kenai and Kotzebue for protective orders in domestic violence cases


The ACS wants feedback from the community on their thoughts and ideas for how we can best move forward, e.g., what data (rather than documents) should be exchanged among what entities, what paper can be eliminated, how can information and data be accessed by those outside of the ACS, how should eFiling work, and what should this web site include?

The ACS will be expanding this web site with news and updates on the project as it develops. The ACS is committed to an open and transparent planning process in which citizen advice and ideas are actively solicited at every stage. Therefore, the ACS wants to hear from you! Please keep this email address handy and use it to forward to the ACS, your thoughts on what LYNX should be doing:

Send email with your feedback and suggestions

The ACS will aggregate the e-mail suggestions/ideas and publish them periodically. Be sure to check this web site regularly to note the progress of this program.

Rev. 17 December 2013
© Alaska Court System

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