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Public List of Attachments of the 2011 PFD

The list is arranged in alphabetical order by debtor's last name.
Only information about dividend attachments in September 2011 is listed.
(About 96% of the attachments were processed during this period.)

What's Included | Attachments Processed After September 2011 | Unsuccessful Writs | Process Server List | Questions
Archived Lists: 2010 | 2009 | 2008

VOLUME 1 (A through CLEARY), pages 1 – 202 Adobe Acrobat PDF logo (895 KB)

VOLUME 2 (CLEAVER through GRAFF), pages 203 – 405 Adobe Acrobat PDF logo (900 KB)

VOLUME 3 (GRAFTON through LAMPTON), pages 406 – 608 Adobe Acrobat PDF logo (903 KB)

VOLUME 4 (LAMSON through ORIHUELA), pages 609 – 809 Adobe Acrobat PDF logo (893 KB)

VOLUME 5 (ORITO through SNOWDEN), pages 810 – 1009 Adobe Acrobat PDF logo (887 KB)

VOLUME 6 (SNYDER through ZYWOT), pages 1010 – 1209 Adobe Acrobat PDF logo (885 KB)

What's Included

Only information about dividend attachments in September 2011 is listed. The list includes both successful and unsuccessful attempts to take people’s 2011 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends (PFDs) to pay debts. It contains information about the following:

  1. dividends seized by writ of execution
  2. unsuccessful attempts to seize the dividend by a writ of execution
  3. PFD assignments (in which a person voluntarily signs over his or her PFD to the court)

It does not include assignments to other government agencies, writs issued by the federal courts or attachments by the IRS (taxes), CSSD (child support), the Commission on Postsecondary Education (student loans), DHSS (public assistance overpayments and court-ordered treatment reimbursements), or the Department of Labor (money owed under the Employment Security Act).

Attachments Processed After September 2011

About 96% of PFD applications are processed by the PFD Division in time to distribute the dividend in September. However, a few thousand applications are usually still under review after September. As the PFD Division completes its review of each application, it will mail individual checks to qualified applicants. If any of these dividends have been attached by the court, the money will be sent to the court instead of to the applicant.

Information about attachments processed after September is available as follows:

Unsuccessful Writs (Reason "A" and Reason "B")

If the Amount Seized in column six is 0, it means the writ or assignment was unsuccessful for the reason indicated by the code in column seven:

A means the identifying information the creditor provided about the debtor did not match any applicant for this years dividend. The PFD regulations require a three-point match between the information dividend applicants provide and the information creditors provide. Any three of the following four identifiers must match: the debtors last name, first name, date of birth or social security number. See 15 AAC 23.213(d).

B means the creditors claim could not be satisfied for another reason, but the PFD regulations on confidentiality prevent the PFD Division from explaining exactly why the creditors claim was not satisfied. (See 15 AAC 23.253 (b)(4).) The reason may be:

  1. The applicant was not eligible for a dividend, or
  2. The dividend was attached by a claim with a higher priority. See Alaska Statute 43.23.065(c) and (b) for the priority of different types of claims.

Process Server List

Process Server List Adobe Acrobat PDF logo : click on this link for a list of the addresses and telephone numbers of the process servers named in column nine.

Questions and Comments

Questions and comments regarding the Public List of PFD Attachments may be sent to:

Rev. 12 April 2012
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