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Venue Map

Venue means place of trial.

Criminal Rule 18 explains how to use the court system's venue map (4.03 MB) to determine the place where a defendant's trial will be held.
An updated map, eliminating McGrath and Tanana as presumptive district court trial sites and as district court venue districts, will be available soon.

In addition to the presumptive trial sites shown on the venue map, there is also a list of approved additional trial sites in Administrative Bulletin 27. As explained in Criminal Rule 18(e), a defendant may ask the court to transfer the trial to one of those sites if it is:

  • within the venue district where the crime charged is alleged to have occurred, and
  • is the trial site nearest to the place where the crime charged is alleged to have occurred.

Judicial district lines are also shown on the venue map.

See also the chart of communities on the Alaska Court System Venue Map.

*Please be advised that the Prince of Wales trial court at Klawock opened on March 13, 2017. SCO 1840 is therefore no longer in effect. Unless otherwise ordered in a pending case, Klawock is the presumptive trial site for both district and superior court cases filed in the Prince of Wales court.

Information About the Map

Because it is a very large file, it takes about 45 seconds to open.

Hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and hit 1 to enlarge the map to its full (100%) size. (If you want to enlarge it more or less, click on the down arrow next to the percent field near the center of the tool bar above the map and select the size you want.)

Click on the hand icon on the tool bar to turn the cursor into a hand. Use the hand cursor to drag the map left or up until you see the area of the state you want to look at.

Click on the magnifying glass icon to zoom in or zoom out on a specific area.

View the venue map (4.03 MB)

Once you have downloaded the map you may print it on any printer or plotter you have access to. You may also take the PDF file to a commercial printer and have them print it at your expense.

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