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Laws, Rules, Regulations & Supreme Court Cases

Key Family Law Citations | Laws/Statutes | Rules | Regulations | Supreme Court Opinions

Key Family Law Citations

PLEASE NOTE: The links below are to the Alaska Statutes on the Alaska Legislature website.

Action for failure to permit visitation with minor child AS 25.20.140
Best interest factors AS 25.24.150
Children as dependents for tax purposes AS 25.24.232
Delegation of powers over minor child AS 13.26.066
Domestic violence protective order AS 18.66.100-.180
Grandparent's visitation rights AS 25.20.065
Interest rate for child support arrears AS 25.27.025
Judgment for custody AS 25.24.150
Judgment for property AS 25.24.160
Legal separation AS 25.24.400 et seq.
Modification of custody or visitation AS 25.20.110
Non-custodial parents' right to medical records AS 25.20.130
Presumption that the husband is a child’s father AS 18.50.160(d)
Shared custody AS 25.20.090
Spousal support AS 25.24.160(a)(2)
Temporary (also called interim) custody AS 25.20.070
Temporary (also called interim) orders
(attorney fees and costs, spousal maintenance, child support, use of the marital home, vehicle etc.)
AS 25.24.140
Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act AS 25.30.300 et seq.
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act AS 25.25.101 et seq.

Laws / Statutes

The laws, also called statutes, are passed by the legislature. The statutes are available online on the Alaska Legislature's website, and the current print version is available at all Alaska Court System law libraries, your local Legislative Information Office (LIO), and many public libraries.


The Alaska Rules of Court are the rules for the administration of all courts in the state and for practice and procedure in civil and criminal cases established by the supreme court under the authority of the Alaska Constitution. The current Rules are available online on the Alaska Court System website, and the print version is available at all Alaska Court System law libraries, your Legislative Information Office (LIO), and some public libraries.

Civil Cases are controlled by the Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure PDF, these rules include Civil Rule 90.3, which governs how child support is calculated.

There are also Rules of Evidence PDF, which control what information the Judge may consider when making a decision.

There are also special rules for Probate PDF, Adoption PDF and Child in Need of Aid PDF proceedings.


Regulations are promulgated (written) by the appropriate government agency. The Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) contains the regulations of all Alaska agencies. The current regulations are available online on the Alaska Legislature's website, and the print version is available at all Alaska Court System law libraries, your Legislative Information Office, (LIO) and many public libraries.

The regulations governing the Child Support Services Division (CSSD) are found in the Alaska Administrative Code at 15 AAC 125.010 et seq.

Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court interprets the meaning of the laws, rules and regulations and how they apply to various situations.

In the print version of the statutes and rules described above, you will find a summary of every supreme court case decided under a particular law or rule. The decisions of the Alaska Supreme Court are published in the Alaska Reporter. If you find a summary of a case that looks similar to your own (or if an attorney cites a case in his or her papers) you can read the case in the Alaska Reporter.

The Alaska Reporter is available in print at all Alaska Court System law libraries and some public libraries. Before the cases are printed in the Alaska Reporter they are called slip opinions. Slip opinions are available on the Alaska Court System website until they appear in print. If there is no law library near you, you can request copies from the Anchorage Law Library.

The Alaska Case Law Service provides free electronic access to opinions of the Alaska Supreme Court. Included on the site are all opinions dated from 1960 and published in West's Alaska Reporter and Pacific Reporter through the most recent unpublished opinions.

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