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Hazardous Communications Program (HazCom)

Information for Contractors and Suppliers

All contractors and suppliers are obligated to inform the Alaska Court System (ACS) of any hazardous materials or physical agents they bring onto a site that is owned, operated, or maintained by the ACS. Copies of all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Physical Agent Data Sheets (PADS) must be submitted to the Hazcom Coordinator. All MSDS and PADS submissions must be submitted in accordance with guidelines outlined in Chapter 4B (MSDS) and Chapter 5C (PADS) of the Alaska Court System Hazardous Communication Plan.

For more information about what is required of all contractors, view the ACS Hazardous Communication Plan.

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Contact the HazCom Coordinator

If you are having trouble submitting an MSDS/PADS or for more information about the Alaska Court System’s Hazardous Communication Program, please contact the HazCom Coordinator:

820 W. Fourth Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99501


Phone: 907-264-0573
Fax: 907-264-8291

Report a Hazard
  Note - If this is an emergency, call the Facilities Manager at (907) 264-8283 or (907) 891-1444 (after normal work hours)

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MSDS/PADS Database

Choose item listed by name to view MSDS/PADS.

Item Name Item Location
GC Acrylic Plastic Information Services – Anchorage
Humco Denatured Alcohol IS and Print Shop – Anchorage
Buckeye Workout Information Services – Anchorage
Texwipe – Static Stopper Aerosol Information Services – Anchorage
KILZ® Original Information Services – Anchorage
Kodak Fixer Wash System Cleaner Micrographics – Anchorage
Kodak Developer System Cleaner Concentrate Micrographics – Anchorage
Kodak Prostar Plus Developer Micrographics – Anchorage
Kodak Prostar Plus Fixer Micrographics – Anchorage
Water Miscible (WM) Wash Printshop – Anchorage
Electrostatic Black Ink Printshop – Anchorage
Electrostatic Fountain Solution Printshop – Anchorage
Lithco Fan-Apart Adhesive Printshop – Anchorage
La-Co Zoom Spout Oiler Printshop – Anchorage
Crown Chain Lube Oil Printshop – Anchorage
Xerox Film Remover Printshop – Anchorage
Bon Ami Powdered Cleanser Printshop – Anchorage
Pro 10 Cylinder Cleaner Printshop – Anchorage
Electrostatic Developer Printshop – Anchorage
Electrostatic Plates Printshop – Anchorage
Print Shop Noise (Physical Agent) Printshop – Anchorage
DustAll (DustOff) Various Court Locations

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