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Debt Collection in a Formal Civil Case

Notice: COVID-19 Related Changes to Serving the Other Side

Some of the information in this section is no longer accurate because of changes due to the COVID-19 crisis. Read FAQs about Changes Due to COVID-19 Pandemic and File New Cases and Motions by Email or Fax. You can learn about all the changes on the COVID-19 response page.

There are 2 different court processes to collect a debt:

Most of this website deals with formal civil debt collection cases and not small claims.

Starting a Debt Case & Filing a Complaint to Collect a Debt

Discovery - Getting Information for the Case

Preparing for Trial in Formal Civil Cases

Answering a Complaint to Collect a Debt in Formal Civil Cases

Motions – Requesting an Order from the Court & Opposing a Motion

After the Judge Makes a Decision

Default Judgments – When the Defendant Does Not File an Answer in a Formal Civil Case

Motions that Could End a Formal Civil Case

Collecting a Debt: Executing on a Judgment

Resolving the Case by Agreement or Settlement & Enforcing the Settlement Agreement

What to Expect in the Courtroom During a Hearing or Trial



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