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Conservatorship – Information About Filing

What do I file to become the conservator of an adult?

There is a petition form to start a conservatorship case for an adult.

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What if there is an emergency and an adult needs a temporary conservator?

You may request that the court appoint a temporary conservator if the respondent is not capable of:

If the court appoints a temporary conservator during the conservatorship case, the temporary conservatorship expires when the court appoints a full or partial conservator, or when the petition for a conservator is dismissed.

If there is an emergency, for appointment of a temporary conservator, fill out:


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Who can be a Petitioner?

Anyone can request the court appoint a conservator for protected person by filing the petition for conservatorship. The court considers whether the proposed conservator meets the legal requirements.

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Can I change or end a conservatorship?

Either the conservator or the protected person can ask the court to:

You can file:

Make 2 copies of the completed form. Provide a copy by mail or hand delivery to the protected person or the conservator in the case. Keep a copy for yourself. File the original with the court.

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