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Required Education for Guardians and Conservators - Online course

The law requires all newly appointed guardians and conservators to complete 1 hour or more of mandatory education within 30 days of the court appointment order. The court system offers an online course to learn more about being a guardian or conservator and to meet the education requirement. If you cannot complete the course online because of a poor internet connection, you can request a flash drive to complete the course on a computer without using the internet. You can ask your local court for the course on a flash drive with instructions. The course includes:

Part 1 - Course | Audio Transcript
when someone may need a guardian and some less restrictive alternatives to consider,

Part 2 - Course | Audio Transcript
the court process to become a guardian or conservator, including the forms and court hearings; and

Part 3 - Course | Audio Transcript
once appointed as a guardian or conservator, how to make decisions, deal with finances, complete the required court reports, including the deadlines and how to fill them out.

If you have already been appointed as a new guardian or conservator, complete Part 3 of the course Guardianship and Conservatorship. At the end of Part 3, you will be directed to sign up for a short quiz. After submitting your information, the court will send you an email with instructions about the quiz. Once you pass the quiz at 80% or higher, you will receive a certificate showing you have met the education requirement. File that with:

  • Affirmation of Completion of Mandatory Education Requirement, PG-120 [Fill-In PDF]

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